Your guide to buying the perfect chandelier

Your guide to buying the perfect chandelier

August 15, 2018

The market offers such a huge range of beautiful chandeliers, that it becomes very difficult and confusing to decide which one to choose. You can bring home the most gorgeous looking chandelier, but later you might realise that it doesn’t look as good as you expected. It either doesn’t match the room décor, or the size looks too odd. Here are a few guidelines that will help you to decide the perfect chandelier for your home:

  1. Crystal Chandeliers: Crystal chandeliers are the most common type of chandelier. This looks the best in dining rooms or waiting areas of offices. If your waiting area is large, choose a size that will complement the large space. Crystal chandeliers add a lot of drama and glamour. The little droplets of light that it reflect from the crystal beads add a luxurious dimension to your space.
  2. Candle chandelier: Candle chandeliers have a candle like structure. Sometimes, crystal chandeliers and candle chandeliers are combined, this makes the product look more gorgeous. Candle chandeliers look best in large dining or drawing areas. However, they will look bulky if your dining area or waiting room is too small.
  3. Chandelier with shade: If you have your grandparents, or any senior citizens living with you, then chandeliers with shades make the perfect choice because they give your house a classic appearance. If you are looking for a classic aura in your office, these will look the best. These chandeliers can be a great addition in the bedroom too!
  4. Empire chandelier: Empire chandeliers introduce a very royal look to your space. These are ideal for luxurious dining rooms or waiting areas with high ceilings.

Chandelier installation is as important as buying the best chandelier. The internet is full of DIY chandelier tutorials. Doing it yourself will have a risk of damaging the expensive chandelier or injuring yourself. Make sure you call Cypress Electrical Services for installing chandeliers in your home or office. We are your licensed and professional electricians who are experienced in installing chandeliers on the Gold Coast.

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