Why should you never attempt your own electrical work?

Why should you never attempt your own electrical work?

September 5, 2018

Doing your own electrical work can send an invitation to a lot of hazards, dangers and mishaps. It may look like you are saving a couple of dollars by ‘having a go’, but before you do so, remember that this can result in more expensive damages, serious injury and even death. Doing so can also break the law, put you to jail and you could also be jeopardising your own insurance.

The jobs that appear simple need the services of a professional electric contractor. There’s lots of tiny details that must be thought about when wiring or establishing new electrical parts. Without the proper knowledge, licensing or training, you can
basically overload a circuit and cause destruction to your home. No matter how simple the task might be, fires, electrical shock and serious injury can occur if the work is not done correctly.

If the work is more involved, there’s building codes and inspections that must occur. Everyone desires to save funds, but doing electrical work yourself can cost you more in the long run in the event you try to take things into your own hands.  Even installing a
simple light switch can be done incorrectly in the event you don’t know exactly what you are doing.

Apart from facing expensive damages, injury or death, DIY electrical work is regarded as unlicensed electrical work which is illegal and can cost penalties of up to $40,000 for individuals. A breach that exposes an individual to a risk of death or serious injury or illness attracts a maximum penalty of $600,000 for an individual ($3,000,000 for a corporation) or five years imprisonment.

What looks to be a simple project can turn in to a nightmare due to inexperience. Call Cypress Electrical Services for electrical repair, maintenance, and any other domestic or commercial electrical needs.

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